About Marmalade

As a native San Franciscan I want to give back to the City that has created such opportunity for me. It was not always back rubs, head scratches, and sleeping on a cushy bed. Like too many San Franciscans, I have faced the uncertainty of not knowing where my next meal would come from or where I would spend the night. I’ve wandered the streets of our City only to end up as a number in the institutionalized shelter system. The system failed me as it failed so many others but eventually I was placed into foster care. Thankfully, this was a situation of “foster fail” and I was adopted into a loving family who raised me as their own, wiped my drool, washed my unruly mane, and taught me what it meant to be a dog with character. I’ve seen the struggle that so many of San Francisco’s animals face and I’ve persevered. I’ve experienced the shortcomings of the system and also the big hearts of those who work and volunteer in our the shelters and foster homes. Now, I want to give back to my community, and speak up for all my constituents.

My Super ‘Pack’